Giant Pandas and Lifesize Teddy Bears in Philippines

Looking for a nice and cute gift for your girlfriends, boyfriends, wifes, husbands and friends? Checkout the lifesize teddy bears and giant pandas from Blue Magic!

Made from finest Polyester material. All stuffed toys are beautiful and  custom made. Proudly made in the Philippines.

Heres Stringbean JR XXXL, a 43inch  weighing 13kgs life size teddy bear.

Meet Blue Magic's My Nikolai XXL, a 37.5in giant panda  37.5″ 37.5″

Little Lucky the 37.5inches Teddy Bear weighing 7kg.

Want something much bigger? Checkout their 6.2footer panda and bear Little Xavy and Casey XXXL. Its huge but it weighs 15kg only.

Check out for more stuffed toys, visit their website at or visit their FB

Blue Magic accepts online delivery in selected Metro Manila areas

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