Swarm Fund, your cooperative ownership platform for real assets

Swarm Fund is a decentralized capital market place created on Ethereum blockchain. This project will change the way on how you investment from crypto currency asset.

It is designed to help you to make investments no matter how much money you have in your hands. Swarm Fund removes the traditional baricades that prevent you from joining an investment such as middle man and high minimum investment. It is 100% safe, and all transaction are very transparent and can be seen within the Swarm Fund blockchain.

Mission and Vision of Swarm Funds

By using Swarm Funds we can help to push the current $100Billion market cap price of crypto currency to $1 Trillion potential. This is possible as Swarm Fund is partnered with respected financial institutions.

Swarm Fund system

The Swarm Fund blockchain is composed of 3 bodies:
The Swarm Core is the heart of Swarm Fund blockchain. It is the system that communicates within the blockchain.
The Swarm Services. It is a services protocol of Swarm Fund that allows developers to create an app to use the system of Swarm core.
The Swarm Application. This is the segment of Swarm that interact between Swarm Core and application created from the front end.

Why Join Swarm Fund

If you are a regular ICO buyer. Swarm Fund can help you to take profit from purchasing Swarm coins at ICO. or Buy it later from exchange sites at a higher price. You can use it someday to purchase a capital or ICO using the Swarm tokens. Joining Swarm Fund will keep you from getting scammed. Swarm Funds has a sub tokens. And every sub tokens you have can be sell or use to purchase another cool asset. Just try to imagine if you buy lots of Swarm Funds now at their ICO. Can be use to purchase lots crypto asset tokens using Swarm Funds. Just remember the wise words of old time traders: "Buy Low Sell High"

People Behind SWARM

  • Philipp Pieper - Portfolio Manager
  • Timo Lehes - Investor
  • Joel Dietz - Crypto Veteran
  • Jelle Herold - Godfather of Smart Contracts
  • Anton Livaja - Full Stack Developer
  • Sebastian Romero - Crypto UI/UX Expert
  • Jazzwall Sharad Jaiswal - Full Stack Dev & PM
  • Christ Eberte - Global Marketing


  • Bogdan Fiedur - Crypto Hacker
  • Houman Shadab - Professor at New York Law School Cofounder Caluse.io
  • Mark Oei - investor
  • Robert Rosenblum - Partner at Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati
  • Gustav Simonsson - Core Ehereum Dev & DAVO Curator
  • Adam Apollo - Founder, Guardian Alliance & Trust. exchange
  • John Edge - Connection Science Fellow at MIT
  • Noan Thorp - Founder, CEO at CoMakery
  • Christian Jacken - Co-founder Liquid Democracy
  • Brad Nye - Founder, Tribalize Summit & Burningh Man Organizer
  • Vivek Krishnappa - Formerly Managing Director, Securities Lending, Blackrock
  • Haydar Habar - Partner at Andra Capital
  • David Kammeyer - Software Developer and Platform Manager.


Swarm Fund is partnered with trusted :
  • Aragon
  • Bitcoin Suisse AG
  • Wings
  • 8760
  • Agentic Group

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Prepared by: LayoutPH