Acorn Collective , the Zero Fee Crowdfunding platform

Current crowdfunding platforms challenges range from higher fees, restricted listings, and limited access to developing countries; moreover, they do not work for all business domains.

So effectively, the current platforms are opposing the flexibility of fundraising options. They are restricting the reach being equity-based and trying to tap into the holders who would offer high returns. These drawbacks have diverted investors and fund-seekers towards Cryptocurrency ICOs. There are a few good ICOs around, which could be trusted by startups. Acorn is one such platform. Let’s see what makes it special:


Acorn is focused on promoting cost-free crowdfunding across the globe for any legal project.  
Ready to onboard any legal project from any country the platform will give the projects a global reach for broad adaptation and hence more fundraising.  

The current platforms are charging 5% fee on facilitating crowd funding, Acorn is working to eliminate the fee by using ICO to cover up for the revenues.

Acorn is offering OAK as the crypto token and has witnessed increasing pipeline of aspiring startups who need crowdfunding. Backed by Ex-CTO of CrowdCube and UCL Blockchain Group we are emerging as a free crowdfunding hub.


What Acorn has to offer?

Acorn is a packaged platform building a blockchain to facilitate crowdfunding. As the current platforms are draining start-ups by charging 3-5% fee, Acorn is an ERC 20 token that will be using native blockchain developed on Ethereum Network. It brings out a wonderful platform for legal projects from anywhere in the world.

Four Key USP’s of Acorn

Crowdfunding with Zero fee
With Acorn Blockchain all the startups would need to pay a minimalistic fee that too goes towards the Ethereum Network as opposed to the current crowdfunding platforms. Acorn revenue model is very transparent and will be earning from the ICO. Also, another channel of revenue generation will be the product sale that will be sold by projects that used Acorn as the crowdfunding platform.

Legal Projects support
Acorn will onboard the legal and ethical projects independent of the country of origin, and this initiative is very promising for developing countries where legal start-ups are facing funding issues. The Legal project may be from any niche as commercial, charity or creative, the only prerequisite remains the project should be legal. Acorn is ready to expose itself to new markets. A board will be established for validating the ethics of the project before letting it use the crowdfunding platform. If a project is deemed illegal, Acorn will not on board it.

Global Support
Bringing about a real utility platform to support emerging businesses from any part of the world, Acorn is going to be a game changer for developing economies. With a limited count of Acorn tokens, an ecosystem for crowdfunding is being designed that will offer a secondary market to sell the products of successful projects. OAK, the token will facilitate the transactional relationship between backers and consumers.

Incentivize the early adopters
Transparent revenue model and operational methodology push Acorn to be generous with the incentives. Acorn will be offering the bonus for early adopters and incentives to the founders who will be helping to recruit backers for our ecosystem. So the early backers would be getting a double profit with incentives and free platform for crowdfunding of their legal projects.


The Acorn team is composed of people with amazing specializations in blockchain and marketing. Check it out.


Join the Pre-sale of Acorn Collective and get the ACO coins at 50% discount. Pre-sale is until February 19,2018. The Main ICO is on March to April. Hurry buy the Pre-sale before the Hard Cap reached.

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