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Experty is an application like Skype, which is very powerful and first video and voice app that lets their users to give knowledge to other people and monetize their expertise, time, and knowledge on the big market.

The is getting famous and this blockchain based platform also allows their users for automatically getting paid from their client and it is also for those who work on contract base on the bias rate. Experts of share a link on any subject to their respected Experty profile to the platform they see best for their users, which also includes websites, emails, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. 

The main purpose of the is to promote the acceptation of Cryptocurrency on the big scale by making a new, easy to use and intuitive app, which is favorable for wide exfoliation usage. Experty is expecting mass acceptation from their users in the coming next 3 years. Those people who want to create a reference through the also will have the cryptocurrency wallet to their pocket.

Experty’s is focusing on clearing the talent issues in the blockchain society by letting all the experts to monetize the knowledge and skills via the app for voice and video like Skype.

They are using token EXY, which is Experty’s native token to handle the payments via an automated contract system. By doing this, they can let their associated companies to obtain the ability they need, letting the blockchain society to continue to flourish and expand.

Why Experty is Good than Others
Instant Access
People want to be careful when they are going to share their phone numbers to any stranger and want to get aware of the frauds and safe their side while answering strangers calls. At that place, Experty shows its expertise and solve this problem for you. By using Experty, the Experty profilers, professional, expert, or any influencer can give instant access to the knowledge to anyone in the world from anywhere.
Instant Answers
There is a reason that people now prefer Experty that you can start making calls by processing a very little setup, through which you can get answers from the best and the qualified experts of the Experty’s on a very short notice. If by any chance, the experts failed to give their respected users a good service, then you can refund your money through the smart contract because the rates that are set per minute, is set by publicly rated experts.
Instant Payment
Moreover, this new application “Experty” allows their experts to get paid quickly for the time they waste on calls, further there will no need for any third party intermediaries. Because they are handling payment during the call via the smart contract system, you or any caller do not need to pay upfront.
Experty ICO
The token of the Experty EXY is basically used to facilitate to knowledge providers from advice seekers. The token of Experty will be there for both exchanges and for purchase on platform with ETH, BTC, credit cards, and other cryptocurrencies. 


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