Automate it ,an Android App for Mobile Task Automation

automateitHave you ever think or wish you can command your mobile phone to automatically connect to WiFi via sending sms, or send you back an sms message and tell its current location via GPS. Or how about to autorotate the screen upon opening your picture gallery.  Or how about to automatically mute your phone if your boss is calling, and turn your mobile to set the ring loud if one in your family is calling. These are the sample things you can do with AutomateIt. Almost any possibilities of automation can be handle by this app. AutomateIt allows you to reprogram your mobile based from a triggered event and to perform an action or a set of actions. They called these triggers as RULES.


If you know how to program you will surely enjoy using this app. But dont worry its not a new programming language, its so easy to learn.  And theres a free set of Rules upon installing an app that you can use.  There is also a so called AutomateIt Rules Market where you can download trigger rules using AutomateIt points. Upon installing that app, they will give you an initial free 30 points that you can use to download other Rules. You can also share other rules so others can download it or rate it if they found it useful.

image image

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AutomateIt is on its initial stage.  I expect more cool triggers and actions to be seen in the future.

My Request to Automate It Team

To AutomateIt team, congrats for your awesome app. But I have a feature request, and I think it make sense.

In the TRIGGER field: Please add a variable feature, so we can make an event counter for variable or might be a temporary storage variable to place the string name of the last caller. This will make your app cooler.

In the ACTION field: I want to suggest more mobile control like allowing us to record a video or take a picture upon triggering an event.
I wish you add an app control like making a tweet from tweeter upon triggering an event. Or reading an incoming sms message or email.

Thats it.


And to my readers, want to give it a try? Please download the app from this link.  Thank you.