Philippine Election 2013 Result using ABS-CBN Comelec Halalan App

halalan2013Did everyone had a fast and peaceful election procedure today? Thanks to PCOS machines, although there are some news that some machines had a malfunction that cause delay in some precinct.

Anyway, PCOS are like machines used in LOTTO. All vote information we send to this machine will go to a central server where our votes are being count. Its much faster compare to previous election procedure. We don’t have to write down the names of the candidates, just shade and the machine will read our entries.

Meanwhile ABS-CBN created an app that monitors with the Halalan 2013 Election result. The app is available on Android, Windows phone and Apple iOS.

I downloaded it and heres some screenshots I made.

ABS-CBN uploaded this app just before the election day. Aside from the election result, it has an instruction that teach on how to vote.

The main page of the looks like this.

The list of candidates is also listed in the app.

The app has a news update related to Halalan 2013.

As of today, I can’t fetch the election result in Malabon and Caloocan, maybe tomorrow.  Give it a try!

Click here to download: