Download Adsense Ready and SEO Optimized WordPress Theme

Last year I created a two simple WordPress themes and I called it Techno Plain. ;) The design was based on the previous layout of this site

Techno Plain 1.0


A three columned, fixed width and simple wordpress theme. If you want to download this wordpress template click here to download from the official WordPress Template gallery.

Techno Plain 1.1


Techno Plain 1.1 is a revised version of Techno Plain 1.0, a two columned , fixed width, with a wide sidebar. Plain and simple. Adsensed and SEO optimized. If you want to download this wordpress template from the official WordPress Template gallery click here.


  • Both versions of Techno Plain WordPress Template are valid XHTML. – Valid XHTML sites ranks well on Search Engines.
  • Content first before sidebar – The main content of your blog comes first before other site elements. Search engine spiders reads your site content first.. and it affects your site’s SERP ranking status too.


  • The main page is ready for 486×60 ,300×200 and from other Adsense ads sizes
  • The sidebar of Techno Plain 1.1 is ready for Adsense 200×200 text ads

Techno Plain Users

I don’t know how many bloggers are currently using these themes.. But doing a quick search at Yahoo for the keyword techno plain “glenn dasmarinas”, I found a 45,700 result. Wow Cool ;) My theme is used by different people from different sites with different pageranks, different race. From Marketers, Porn sites, Personal blogs, etc..
Thank you guys!