Learn how to trade, read chart candles, and price action!

 For those of you who wants to trade in crypto or in stockmarket, or forex!

Let's be real, trading is hot right now. Everyone's got a story about their buddy who turned a hundred bucks using Forex, Crypto or Stockmarket. It's enough to make anyone want to jump in and become the next crypto king. But hold on there, partner! Trading ain't no walk in the park – especially when it comes to that fancy future stuff.

Here's what I'm doin' to get myself prepped before even thinkin' about touchin' that "buy" button on a future contract:

Market Smarts 101:  First things first, gotta learn the basics of this "technical analysis" and "fundamental analysis" stuff. That means figurin' out how to read charts, spot trends, and understand what makes crypto prices go up and down. There's a ton of info online and in courses, so I'm cramming it all in like a champ.

Practice Makes Perfect:  Knowin' is cool, but doin' is what matters.  Lots of platforms offer fake-money accounts where you can test your ideas and get used to the buyin' and sellin' ropes. This way, you can make mistakes (and you will!) without losin' real cash.

Risk Management is Your BFF:  This might be the most important lesson. Crypto's a jumpy critter, so keepin' your risks in check is key. I'm learnin' about "stop-loss orders," how much to invest at once, and spreadin' my bets around different cryptos. Remember, it ain't about gettin' rich quick, it's about protectin' your hard-earned cash and makin' smart choices.

Start Small, Grow Slow:  Even with all this prep, I know I won't be a crypto whiz overnight. That's why I'm gonna start small, investin' only a bit of money that I can afford to lose. As I get more comfortable and confident, I can slowly increase the amount I put in.

Ok well before I end this.. I want to share this book that will equip you on reading price action and chart candles. The book is entitled THE TRADING CODE by Jason Cam. Whether you are trading crypto, forex or stockmarket. This book is very helpful and will help you when is the right time to put your investments.

I bought this a few years ago for 1500php, but now it has a discount. Please check it on Shopee.


This journey might take some time, but the knowledge and skills I pick up will be valuable, not just for crypto, but for any kind of investin' I do down the road. So, to all my crypto-curious friends out there, let's learn together, practice with those fake accounts, and approach this market with caution and a plan. The future might be full of opportunities, but let's make sure we're ready for 'em!

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