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Just giving out my personal review of Chess PGN Master created by Gerhard Kalab of Few months ago this app was named Chess PGN Viewer but later on it was changed to Chess PGN Master.
Before I was using the built-in PGN readers from my Android chess app when I need to review a chess pgn games. Since Chess game aps are not really designed to read PGN file. It can load few games but it crashes when I load huge PGN games.
Thank God I found Chess PGN Master, it is design to read PGN files. It plays chess pgn games very smooth. Lets check out some screenshots I captured while observing the app.

Smooth and Easy to navigate

Browsing the game by tapping the screen. Tapping the right screen will move the game PGN forward, and tapping from left will replay the previous game move. Then pressing the screen from left will replay the whole game from the start, vice versa, pressing the screen from right will move the last move from the PGN.

Cloud storage and online access

One of the best feature of Chess PGN Master is the access to cloud storage. Aside from importing PGN games from your SDcard you can also import games from your Dropbox account by allowing Dropbox to be accessed by Chess PGN master. You can also watch a live game by feeding exact url of PGN from the “Open URL” menu.

Excellent memory usage

I salute to Chess PGN Master’s special memory management when loading huge PGN files. It works perfect even from phones with small RAM installed. Check out the screenshot below where I loaded a huge PGN files (with thousand of games) from my old phone but still, it runs smoothly.

Built in Engine

It has a built in Chess Engine so you can practice or make your own case move from the middle of a chess PGN game against computer. Make a game analysis or check for the game for blunders.

Can read annotated PGN games

Unlike other chess android aps , Chess PGN Master can read the latest version of chess PGNs including the game annotations, and sub game cases, check out the program screenshot from the tablet view.

Program demo

Please see the video demo of this program.


Download this from the Google Play , its FREE!
Give it a try, check out the FREE version. Hace a nice day!

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