Alto Adventure Game

Alto's Adventure is a snow surfing game available on Android and IOS. It has a very nice and fine graphics design.
 The game has simple game control, you can control it by tapping.
A simple tap makes Alto jump from obstacles like rocks, etc. By touching long press while Alto is in the air makes him maneuver and gain a higher score.

Collect coins and get a bump with mountain reindeer to get game power-ups and upgrades. I noticed that game displays different day time and weather graphics backgrounds randomly: day, night, rainy, sunrise.
Just in case you got bump with rock, you can continue your game score and progress by using 1500 coins from your accumulated coins.

Some screenshots from Alto Adventure

If out of coins, you can get free 500 coins by watching 30 seconder video ads from their sponsors. Currently the game is Ad free, the game owners get only their revenue when users watch video in exchange of game coins or by purchasing a Coin doubler.

Aside from continuing your gameplay, you can also use your coins to acquire game powerups like:

  • Magnet timer
  • Hover time
  • Wingsuit
 Get the game now, check out its Free!

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