Crypto Bounty Directory , list of crypto Bounty platforms you can join.

Hello are you a crypto bounty hunter? If you do not know what is Bounty hunting. Well it is a campaign run by ICOs to promote their upcoming coin. In exchange bounty hunters must promote their ICO by Twitter, or Facebook, or via forum Signature, or Reddit, or via Blog writing.

I am also a Bounty hunter myself. And I would like to share to you where do I join my current bounties. Usually almost all bounties can be found in forum. But it requires you to report the you've done in bounties.

But using the bounty platforms, every thing is automated. Imagine as a bounty hunter you dont have to report your Tweets you have done for a week. Very convinient right?

So bounty hunters, common and join!

  1. BOUNTYHUNTERS.IO - This is formerly ICOREWARD. Lots of campaigns you can join.
  2. BOUNTYHIVE.IO - Has a huge number of ICO to join.
  3. BOUNTY0X - One of the oldest and one of the best Bounty platform..
  4. BOUNTYPLATFORM.IO - Has a good number of ICO, very organize with amazing UI.
  6. GITCOIN.CO - Get coins by doing microtask.
  7. BOUNTIES.NETWORK - Get coins by doing microtasks / collaboration
  8. FUNDREQUEST.IO - Get coins by collaboration
  9. OPENBOUNTY - Get coins by collaboration

For ICO owners, please let me know if you want to get listed here.. Dont worry its free! Send PM to my Twitter: @gL3nnx

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