My cryptocurrency story

Hello everyone! It's been a long time of no blogging. Just want to say that the owner of this blog is still alive by God's grace. I'm just busy with personal matters.

I just want to share my cryptocurrency story. 

I first learned about cryptocurrencies in the year 2010. Bitcoin only cost one dollar at that time. However, at that moment, I was more interested in Paypal and Egold. 

Then, a few years later, I learned that Bitcoin's price surged to $300. That's when I made the decision to invest in it.

But I don't want to use all of our savings to buy Bitcoin, so I've decided to take freelance jobs on and Reddit's /r/Jobs4Bitcoins subreddit and start offering my graphic design services.

I got a few clients and received a few money. Then I became busy again in my corporate job and forgot about the cryptocurrency I earned. After few months in 2016. I was surprised to see that my bitcoins stored in my wallet address gained more than 3x of their previous dollar value.

I am so happy and convinced myself to spare some time to know more about crypto. 2018 when I decided to leave my corporate job and start working freelance at home. Currently, I am working in Upwork with different crypto companies and projects. I also have a client based in Singapore that pays me via crypto. 

I have a bear mindset so I am not investing or holding any cryptos now. And as of writing this message, the Bitcoin price is at $29,200 dollars per Bitcoin. I believe Bitcoin might hit another dump at $10,000 or another $15,000. Or much better I'll try to wait for the next Bitcoin halving as historically Bitcoin price skyrockets after every Bitcoin halving.  

2024 is the year when the next Bitcoin halving will happen. So if you want to invest in crypto it would be safe to wait for the next Bitcoin halving. 

Until next time! Thank you!

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