BTC Price Update! July 9, 2024


As of writing, the price of Bitcoin (BTC) is at $57,316 USD. Bitcoin has already retraced significantly. My funds are still in USDT, and I am waiting for BTC to break out from its diagonal horizontal line before taking a long entry. I also plan to spread some investments into altcoins and other holdings.

I believe we can expect large movements this coming October 2024, similar to the usual market scenario from October to December.

A few months ago, I mentioned in my previous blog post that Bitcoin might reach $10,000 USD. While anything is possible, I will approach this market defensively. My target for the upcoming Bitcoin bull run is $100,000 or higher, but $10,000 is still a possibility.

Just play it safe, guys! Do not go all-in and always set a stop loss. Just updating you guys! thanks.. 

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