KickICO, the CrowdFunding Platform! ( ICO Day )

Another cool cryptocurrency coin is coming our way. KICKICO, is a decentralized fundraising platform. This new crypto will change the way how crowdfunding works. It will change the way how new altcoins launch their coins.

Compare to traditional Kickstarter, Gofundme and Patreon. KickICO is different because theres no 3rd party intermediaries in terms of crowdfunding money like: paypal, banks, creditcards, etc.
KICKICO is using smart-contracts and decentralized so the crowdfunding is very secure and transparent.

If you are planning to launch your own crypto currency, KICKICO is a good choice to faciliate your ICO's crowdfunding. As crypto trader, I feel more secure and comfortable to join an ICO handled by a decentralized crowdfunding service like KICKICO compare to an ICO hosted from the ICO site itself, where scam usually happened.

Participating from a crowdfunding in KICKICO is fueled by KICKICO's own crypto currency called KC.


If you are a regular ICO buyer, or planning to host crowdfunding someday. Getting a KC coin is very rewarding.
KickICO is very affordable, for as low as 1 ETH you get 3000KC. Buy if you participated in the Pre ICO period you will get a 50% discount, for the price of 1 ETH = 6000KC.

FYI, KICKICO has a very successful Pre-ICO Sale with over $1M raised.

So are you ready? KICKICO's initial coin offering (ICO) will start on August 29, 2017 at 1PM (UTC)

The Core Team

These are the good people behind this project.

  • Anti A. Danilevski - Founder / CEO
  • Alexander Petrov - CoFounder - CFO
  • Andrew Perepelitsa - Co-Founder, CTO and Solidity Developer
  • Petr Yakimchuk - Backend Developer
  • Dmitry Raskladka - Chief Business Developer
  • Verdandi Cao - Lead Designer
  • Mikhail Sergeev - Head of community management
  • Nikolay Syusko - Chief marketing officer
  • Yury Parsamov - Strategic partnership manager.
  • Tony Simonovsky - ICO focused Growth Hacker
  • Pacatum Solidity Developers

PR & Media
  • Kelley Weaver
  • Nikki Brown
  • Jesse Lucas
  • Conor O'Higgins
  • Zhang Sunrui

  • Anton Gerasimov
  • Vladimir Ostapenko
  • Yuri Mykolyshyn
  • Roel Wolfert, Netherlands (Bancor, Currency Advisor)
  • Edgar Kampers, Qoin Currency Officer
  • Jonathan Millet, UK
  • Jayanand Sagar


Official Website
Official Announcement Thread