RELEST, Your Decentralized Real Estate Rental Auction

One of the best and unique ICO idea I heard is the business model of A new decentralized real estate rental auction. The idea is unique and very easy to understand.

Using the Relest for mobile app and website, a landlord can publish his real estate details. Tenants who look for lands or building to rent can publish their bids.

Relest can give the full details of posted land or building, geolocation, 3D photos of the land, or communicate with the land owner. Upon expiration of the auction, the highest bidder tenant can get the contact information of the Landlord.

Relest has its own crypto currency coin called REST. Landlords who received REST coins as payments can convert the coin into BTC or fiat money. REST is an ERC20 coin running from Ethereum blockchain. Your transaction is safe using P2P connection.


If you are a real estate broker or a landlord. Dont miss to join the biggest real estate ICO of the year. RELEST will conduct an ICO (Initial Coin offering) in the public on September 18, 2017. If you buy and sell a land a lot. You can benefit from buying the REST coins on its very cheapest rate. Keeping a REST coins will give you high investment profit in the long run. You may also sell the REST coins if the market hits your desired profit.

The RELEST real estate token called REST costs 0.001ETH each. But if you buy during the first two hours, you could get 1.5REST with 50% additional REST coin.

Exchange Sites for RELEST
After the ICO, REST coin can be trade from:
  • C-CEX, 

What are you waiting for? Buy now! Check out their ICO site:

People Behind RELEST
So who they are:

• Anuar Zhilkibagarov (CEO)
• Daulet Myrzan (Lead Developer)
• Michael Tarassov (Blockchain expert lead enginee)

To know more about RELEST and its crypto coin REST, please read their WHITEPAPER .
Visit the Relest FORUM Thread from

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