Monetize your sites and apps using Adsigma

ADSi or AdSigma Token is a utility token used by the advertisers for buying web-based display advertisement on app or web properties. In addition, the platform allows the publishers to monetize their websites and applications. They are paid with ADSi tokens.

The joint effort of all the participants helps in maintaining and verifying the network at AdSigma.

This Indian platform is bringing about a revolution in the world of digital advertising using Blockchain technology. AdSigma aims at removing the loopholes in internet advertising. The solutions offered by leading players like Google and Facebook aren’t worthwhile for crypto-related ads. However, there have been recent developments in that space, but it has brought no justice to the banning of cryptocurrency related ads. ADSi is proving out to be an ultimate solution for this issue.
The platform boasts a team of energetic and dedicated professionals and advisors. Also, its white paper is laid out well. ADSi has structured its token economics expertly, which is a result of 14 months of rigorous hard work.

How AdSigma works?

The working of AdSigma is based on the smart contracts of Ethereum that guarantees secure transactions. The publishers and advertisers have set its working parameters jointly. Currently, the platform solves some serious issues concerning digital display advertising. They are mitigating the problems like unjustified commission rate by ad networks, inappropriate advertisements and others.

The platform is powered by Blockchain technology; hence, its working isn’t controlled by one entity alone. It works on a decentralized system that prevents data manipulation and interference of a third party with transactions. It has also barred the users from giving privileges or preferences to one publisher or advertiser over another. ADSi offers a well-structured blockchain solution that allows clients and providers to negotiate deals and find each other directly without the need of an intermediary. The basic demo version of their interface allows people to understand the working of the platform’s system better. ADSi is undoubtedly one of the best blockchain based company offering unrivalled solutions to its users.

Why use Adsigma

  • Comes with high-level of security - As mentioned earlier, Adsigma platform is based on the popular smart-contracts of Ethereum. Hence, the transactions boast a high level of safety and security. Additionally, the development team of the platform includes some of the high profile, certified technicians of the industry. With their years of experience, they have made ADSi highly trustworthy.
  • Transparent working - Besides great credibility, this platform facilitates its users with high transparency level. The advertisers and publishers working on AdSigma have a fully transparent public history.
  • Complete decentralization - AdSi is one of best blockchain based, fully decentralized platform. It carries a high decentralization level that simply eliminates all possibilities of data manipulation or corruption.
  • Free of “extra-privilege” factor - The whole network of this platform is maintained by its participants. Hence, no publisher or advertiser can facilitate himself or herself with some extra privilege. ADSi works with the motto of providing an equal environment for all. This is one of the indeed one of the best things about it.


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